Carpet collections
Barrington Loop

Barrington is a versatile 100% wool carpet made from fine 3-fold yarn, available in a palette of contemporary natural shades.

Bouclé Natural Loop

A versatile 100% wool carpet with soft ‘wave’ patterning, Bouclé Natural Loop adds charm and texture to any room.

Briar Natural Loop

High quality 3-fold yarn Briar Natural Loop is made from 100% wool and creates a contemporary feel with its mixed height loop design.

Butterwick Wool Loop

A stunning chunky loop pile carpet crafted from 100% wool. Butterwick celebrates the beauty of nature.

Cable Natural Loop

Cable Natural Loop creates a discreet loop striped design. Made from 100% wool for ultimate softness under foot.

Croxby Wool Loop

This timeless classic will enhance any space.

Eskdale Wool Loop

Elevate your space with Eskdales enduring style and natural allure.

Kirkmond Wool Loop

The Kirkmond range showcases the natural colours of undyed yarn.

Laverton Wool Loop

Introducing the Laverton carpet range: a stunning collection crafted from 100% undyed wool.

Pure Luxury Velvets

Step into luxury with our Pure Luxury range, offering unparalleled comfort and elegance in 12 stunning colours.

Pure Luxury Grandeur

100% wool loop pile carpet range promising a combination of luxury, durability, and style, making it an attractive option for homeowners and interior designers alike.

Pure Luxury Splendour

A thick and dense loop pile carpet, giving a soft and cushioned feel underfoot.

Pure Luxury Bliss

Bliss Loop carpets, offers a serene sanctuary for every step with their plush texture and timeless elegance

Sawley Wool Loop

Sawley our exquisite herringbone design carpet crafted from 100% natural wool undyed yarn.

Silken Velvet

For an unrivalled luxury finish Silken Velvet collection guarantees irresistible comfort and a lustrous appearance.

Ultima Twist

Ultima Twist is the ideal choice for residential or contract carpeted areas, offering a superb combination of performance and comfort.

Westend Velvet

For richness, comfort and style, the Westend Velvet collection is hard to beat – tasteful good looks and a luxurious underfoot feel.