About us

Our Heritage

Our roots are firmly planted in sheep farming and the textile heartland of West Yorkshire. Westex was originally founded by a master dyer who wanted to offer a wider range of colour and quality within carpet manufacture.

We still draw on and develop that legacy today, weaving luxury and durability into our carpets by utilising the best blend of wools, spinning techniques, dyeing and tufting processes. Every style and every colour is designed in-house at our dedicated manufacturing sites in West Yorkshire, ensuring excellence at every step for your carpet.

Why wool?

The beauty of wool is not merely aesthetic, but fundamentally practical. The inherent characteristics of the fibres; warmth, softness and insulation, are maintained from field to floor. Plus, the bulk and springiness of wool naturally reforms after any compression, and the natural oils and scaled structure of the fibres offer inbuilt stain resistance.

The combination of durability and softness makes wool the natural choice for premium carpet manufacture. Add to that the fact that wool is an entirely sustainable material (annual shearing is vital for animal welfare), a Westex carpet is one of the most environmentally sound choices you will make.

Our products

Westex is committed to manufacturing the finest quality carpets which not only look fabulous but endure and keep their good looks for longer. The secret to our legendary durability lies in our 2- and 3-fold yarns. Many other manufacturers use single yarns, but our folded yarns offer added strength and resilience to resist crushing, pile reversal, and daily wear and tear for years to come. 4 standard treatments are applied to every Westex carpet – Stain Resist, Moth Guard, Fresh Guard and Allergy Guard. These treatments provide added protection against stains, moths, house dust mites, mould fungi, bacteria, pet odours and allergens thereby keeping our carpets fresh and clean.

Special dye service


With 100’s of colours available in the Westex core ranges, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s where our colour range ended. At the Westex dye house, our expert colour technicians offer a Special Dye Service to match any colour, for a truly unique solution.

Special dye service


For nearly 40 years, Westex has supplied and manufactured high-quality flooring solutions to both commercial and residential marketplaces. Our floorings are widely used around the world in the hospitality sector in the homes of royalty, stately homes, prestigious retail outlets and on the sets of blockbuster movies.

Commercial services