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Environmental pledges

Our goal is to optimise our performance now and for the benefit of our collective futures. We believe the investments in people, process and product that further improve our environment performance are an investment for our future, not a cost of doing business.

We ensure that our materials are sourced from a sound and sustainable source.


As the UK leader within the carpet industry, we have a responsibility to all our customers to create a better environment. The way we serve and drive the market sets the pace and standard for a world-class flooring solution. Sustainable developments and ‘creating better environments’ are an integral part of all of Westex activities.

Those who have followed from the outset would know that we started our journey as yarn suppliers. Since then we have grown to the market leader in producing high quality wool carpets. During this time, we have strived to ensure we support the environment and never forgetting our responsibilities to our local community.

Our whole strategy is built around leaving a sustainable legacy to the future generations to build on. That is why at Westex we have embraced the directive of the United Nations Commissions on Environment and Development and the General Assembly Resolution, 1987: ‘’Developments that meet present needs without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs’’There are 3 core areas in which the above policy must strive to reach and our policy is to exceed these and strive to excel further.

  • The Environmental dimension – Planet: The way in which measures specific to improving the environment impact of the processes and the products of the company are regulated and executed.
  • Social dimension – People: The way in which social equity and the corporate governance are defined and followed within the company:
  • The Economic dimension – Profit: The way in which the company organises its position in the market place to actively develop its sustainable profile by using its economic stability and profitability for continuous improvement:

Westex supports these dimensions in a constructive and consistent manner through the following principles:

  • ‘’Excel Plus’’ – a commitment to go above the Government regulations and requirements.
  • Integrating Sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.
  • Review and improve were needed on a regular basis from director level to shop floor.
  • Promote awareness across our customer network for them to embrace our commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of our policy from the moment they join Westex Ltd and to continuously update them of the improvements.

Westex are fully committed to being a sustainable partner to all our customers and staff.

Waste Management

Cropper Dust- Cropper dust is collected and recycled back into the local agriculture, being in the Rhubarb Triangle we are proud that our cropper dust is recycled by the farmers who grow the rhubarb.

Carpet Waste – Our carpet waste stays within the industry and is recycled into high quality carpet underlay used for both domestic and commercial applications.

Cardboard & Paper – It is estimated that for every tonne of cardboard and paper that is recycled up to 17 trees can be saved, we aim to recycle ALL our cardboard and paper waste and save trees.

Metal- Recycling metal can both help protect the environment and saves precious natural resources, so all our metal waste is recycled responsibly.

Wood- Wood recycling also saves natural resources and protects the environment. Recycled wood can be used for a diverse range of products including biomass fuels, animal bedding and new wood composite materials.

General Waste – We strive to keep our general waste to an absolute minimum and the entire company is engaged with our recycling aims.


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